Q:What is the PE protective film?

A:PE protective film with special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as substrate, polyacrylic acid (ester) resin as the main material, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then after several special additives and processing. The characteristics of soft, adhesive performance is good, easy to paste, easy peeling, peeling no residue.

Q:What is the main purpose of PE protection film?

A:Advantages of PE protective film is the largest protected products in the production and processing, transport, pollution, not affected by storage and use in the process of corrosion, scratches, original smooth glossy surface protection, so as to improve the product quality and market competitiveness.

Q:PE protection film is mainly used in what areas?

A:The application of PE protection film: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy, steel profiles and the windows and doors, aluminum plate, fluorocarbon board, glass panel, sandwich color steel plate, fire panels, decorative panels, organic glass plate, PS, PE, PVC sunlight board (polycarbonate), anti-theft door, signage, coated glass, high-grade furniture, high-grade products, electrical cabinet, computer shell, auto lamps, carpets, floor, housing, household appliances, instruments, and other products surface in various areas in need of protection can be used.

Q:What is the shelf life of Yida Protective Film?

A: 12 months. Protective film should be protected against direct sunlight and extremes in temperature and humidity and stored upright in its original packaging.

Q: What is the roll length available for Yida Protective Film?

A: We can supply you Protective film with different roll length ranges from 10 meters to 2,000 meters .

Q: What is the thickness available for Yida Protective Film?

A: We can supply you Protective film with different thickness ranges from 30um to 250um .

Q: What is the maximum width for YidaProtective Film?

A: Within 1600mm. We can supply you Protective film with width ranges from 10mm to 1600mm .

Q: What is the lead time for YidaProtective Film?

A: Within 30 days after receipt of your official order. For small overseas order, the lead time is within 10 days.

Q: What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for YidaProtective Film?

A: 50,000 square meters. For order quantity less than 50,000 square meters, an extra charge will be applied.

Q: Can I print my logo onto YidaProtective Film?

A: Yes, you can print your logo within 3 colors at an extra cost. To print your logo on Protective film can enhance your product’s image and extend yourbrand awareness.

Q: Will Yida Protective Film leaves residue glue upon removal?

A: We guarantee our protective film will leave no residue glue upon removal if applied and removed properly.