Armorcoat Safety & Security Window Film By Solar Gard

While the discussion of school safety continues by lawmakers around the country, San Diego-based Solar Gard is speaking out and urging school districts to incorporate its revolutionary intrusion protection and blast mitigation product, Armorcoat® Safety & Security Window Film, as part of district-wide safety standards. Armorcoat acts as a protective barrier when applied to windows to help prevent entry from unwanted intruders and drastically reduce the risks of flying glass during explosions, violent attacks or accidental breakage.

Security Window Film
An intruder test shows it takes more than 1:30 to break through the
Armorcoat protected window. (PRNewsfoto/Solar Gard)
Armorcoat adds a critical layer of protection by keeping glass doors and windows securely intact if shot or shattered during an attack. While the glass will break, it is held firmly to the door or window frame by an attachment system, acting as a physical barrier and delaying intruder entry. This extra time allows those inside to get to a safe place while first responders arrive to handle the threat. Its extensively tested intrusion protection properties make it difficult for an intruder to enter, and Armorcoat can be applied to schools, churches and government buildings with an easy installation.

“The issue of school safety is very important to me personally as well as to Solar Gard as a company, which is why we feel strongly that every school in the country should be protected by Armorcoat,” said Kendall Combs, general manager of Solar Gard. “The large-scale school safety initiatives being discussed are great, but our school districts need to also consider additional measures like Armorcoat. So much more can be done to provide better physical security for our children and the amazing educators in these schools. Communities are frantically searching for immediate options to protect students, and it’s our corporate duty to do everything in our power to keep them safe.”