Pvc shrink film application

In the 21st century, the rapid development of plastic film, Pvc shrink film applications are increasing, including agricultural greenhouses, as well as product packaging, etc., the reason why it can be so widely used, its main reason is to have the following advantages:

Wrapping and packaging the goods stacked on the pallets to make the package more stable and tidy, and more super waterproof;
High tensile strength, high elongation, good self-adhesion, high transparency;
Shrink film, heat shrink film is mainly composed of several different brands of polyene resin mixed extrusion, with puncture resistance, high strength and high performance;
Heat Shrink Film Touch Film Technology mainly refers to some major steps in the production of heat shrink film blown film, such as extrusion, forming, cooling, traction and winding heat shrink film. When the number is doubled, the area of ​​heat absorption is large, and the plasticization effect is good. Naturally, it will increase the output, supplemented by the improvement of cooling technology, and the output can be increased by 50%.
PVC shrink film has some deficiencies. For example, some PVC heat-shrinkable films are very soft when used in the summer and harden as soon as they reach winter; some heat-shrinkable films easily absorb dust and become opaque; some PVC heat-shrinkable films have a short service life and are prone to ageing. Wind and sun exposure, the surface is easily cracked. The application of PVC heat shrinkable film is still very extensive. It is believed that as the technology of heat shrinkable film becomes more and more mature, the heat shrinkable film will be applied in more fields.