Global protective film consumption exceeds 5 million tons per year

PE protective film It is a special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the substrate protective film, with protection products in the production process, transportation, storage and use of the process will not be contaminated, corrosion, scratches and other injuries, so that the product surface Maintaining the advantages of smoothness, glossiness, and other advantages can improve the quality of products and their competitiveness in the market.

Due to the clear glossy surface protection and low price, PE protective film has achieved unprecedented success in the packaging market in the past 30 years. It not only succeeded in replacing cellophane but also rapidly developed its own market. Composite film replaces paper. At present, the global protective film consumption exceeds 5 million tons per year and is growing rapidly.

With the development of China’s PE protective film production technology, a large number of excellent PE protective film manufacturers emerged, and quickly transformed our country from a net importer of protective film to a net exporter, making a huge contribution to China‚Äôs economic development. contribution.

It is reported that Asia is the fastest growing market for PE protective film, and the industry has good prospects for development.