Protective film should be used gently

In the use of plastic sheet protective film, the correct steps should be taken, because the protective film material is thin, improper use of the protective film is easy to damage, how to use to make the protective film has a good full performance?

Plastic sheet protective film recommended sticking method:

First: The width of the protective film is varied. From 7CM-130cm, but no matter how wide the protective film is used, it should be evenly and forcefully pulled apart in parallel, and the speed should be uniform. This will prevent the protective film from being unevenly pulled by the force when the protective film is torn to protect it. The surface of the film may have uneven thickness, resulting in an edge warping, or a decrease in the viscosity of the adhesive.

Second, gently stick it on the plastic sheet, tear the edges, and don’t tear too much. This prevents the dust in the production plant from sticking to the glue in the process of adhering and reduces the stickiness of the glue, and the protective effect and the transparency effect are deteriorated. The same will also prevent tearing too much, the paste is not timely, the membrane and the film paste, there wrinkles, affecting the appearance and effect, paste on the sheet after lightly paste, moderate strength, not too much.