PE protective film suitable for stickiness and production principle

PE protective film has become more and more useful in the process of its use, and its variety can be seen in various forms in the market. The greatest strength of PE protective film is that the product being protected is produced and processed in PE protective film and transported. During the storage and use, it will not be polluted, corroded, scratched, maintain the original bright and shiny surface, and then improve the quality and market competitiveness of the product.

PE protective film suitable for stickiness

1.PE protective film easy to paste easily tear.

2. Long storage period: more than one year in the warehouse, no change in quality.

3. Peeling force stability: little change over time, ie, the smaller the increase in peel force, the better.

4. Good weather resistance: under sunlight exposure conditions, the use period is up to six months to one year.

5. No pollution, no corrosion: The adhesive is inert and does not chemically react with the surface of the adhered material.

6. Excellent mechanical properties: Meet the user requirements of tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation and so on.+

PE protective film production principle

1.PE protective film adhesive (glue) has a viscoelastic polymer, film, tear film.

2. The main factors affecting the viscosity: wetting, penetration.

PE Protective Film Adhesive (Glue) Has Viscoelastic Polymer

Film: The adhesive layer can be in close contact with the surface of the adherend and flow into the groove of the adhered surface as much as possible, so that the effective contact area increases.

Main factors affecting stickiness

Wetting: The pressure-sensitive adhesive can achieve close contact only with good wetting of the surface of the adhered object, creating conditions for physical and chemical bonding to move and diffuse the molecules: The pressure-sensitive adhesive molecules will move to the surface of the adhered material when the two are When the distance between the bond is less than 5A, physical and chemical bonding will occur.